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When you have gas in a container, the three flows of momentum are passing right through the walls of the container through the gas and out the other side. So the gas has the same momentumcurrent inside as out, the same pressure inside as out, since the momentum is passing right through the walls. If you want the gas to be at lower pressure, you need to deflect the momentum currents around the gas on the interior, so you need to make a stiff box that pushes the momentum current around the interior.

Jones continued to struggle in the early once leading police on a car chase in Nashville but with the help of his fourth wife, Nancy Sepulvado, he got clean. Though his hitmaking slowed down, mainly thanks to changing tastes in country music, he became a revered elder statesman, often credited as an influence by generations that followed. He paid tribute to his own and preceding generations in a 1985 hit, Gonna Fill Their Shoes.